I’m a non-performing, multilingual singer–songwriter of dance and electronic music.


In January 2001 in the southwest neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan, I experimented with ACID 2.0, a music-creation type of software for PC. The only musical experience I’d ever had was a low-budget keyboard during my childhood with which I’d created various melodies. After quickly learning to produce loop-based music, I began writing song lyrics under the short-lived artistry named Frankie and recording my vocals for them. But since I’d never had any vocal training, I looked at my music as merely a hobby and didn’t bother trying to pursue a career in music. I later added my last name because Frankie alone seemed too generic.

In March 2002, I joined Sony’s ACID Planet (then Sonic Foundry) and discovered the ability to share my music with numerous artists across what was essentially an online music community, many just as inexperienced and undiscovered as I was. It felt like home instantly, a new life even. I eventually changed my artistry again to my full name, Francisco Feliciano, because another electronic artist already had Frankie Feliciano. Throughout the years, I improved and gained more experience with songs ranging from electronica to pop, alternative to rock, and various styles of Latin, of which many were goth- and industrial-inspired, and others more on the avant-garde side.

In October 2005, I decided to separate my darker material from the rest of my music by adopting the artist name Failure Fanatic, still keeping the FF as my initials like my full name, but with the first F written backward to symbolize a set of undeveloped wings of freedom, more like the bones of said wings. After all, the point of music creation was the freedom to create whatever I desired, be it personal or inspirational. The meaning behind Failure Fanatic is that it reflects my dark and destructive past, while it also represents my emotions, experiences, and views on topics such as depression, discrimination, life, religion, sexuality, society, and war, among others. This marked the beginning of my more serious lyrical abilities.

On April 18, 2007, I met DJ/remixer/producer Peter Tanico, owner of Exit 39 Productions (E39), through ACID Planet. He believed I had enough potential to become successful in the music industry, and that music didn’t need to be just a hobby anymore. Since then, Peter became my manager, and we immediately began working together to improve my unsharpened abilities.

In April 2012, my Francisco Feliciano artistry was changed to Franciscus Felicianus for purely stylistic purposes, which led to a complete genre overhaul from lighthearted dance music to piano-heavy alternative music with occasional dark tones, and it also led to the experimentation of the Latin language in various lyrics to reflect the name change.

By 2013, I created nearly 250 original songs in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Latin, plus one in gibberish.

On Christmas Day 2015, I decided to abandon Franciscus Felicianus in favor of a darker artistry named Murcipiro. The change was also to avoid a complicated name, since not many people were able to pronounce the former or even my real name, and it was too long for an allowed username for sites like Twitter.

Despite my preference for darker music, I wasn’t ready to depart from my lighter sound permanently. Thus, on June 19, 2016, it was rebranded as Frankie K Feliz. Why the K when I have no middle name? It’s the standout letter in Frankie, and it’s one of my favorite letters of the Latin alphabet.

You know, they say Geminis have two personalities, even as a joke. In my case, I find that to be true. The truth is, not only do I have a dark and a light side, but I have a feminine and a masculine side, and as the days go by, I discover new things about myself that I either never knew or never understood. The journey that is life is far from over. It only makes me want to live another day just to see what happens next.

I continue to create more music, for it’s become my work of art by combining my four passions: writing, art, languages, and music. Writing is especially a significant passion for me, and I write creative fiction under two separate pseudonyms. My hobbies keep me quite busy.

My WALMART of interests: Writing, Art, Languages, Music, Alternativeness, Reading, Technology.