Amor Vacío: Now Streaming

“Amor Vacío” is now available for streaming. Remixers welcome!

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After a six-month hiatus, I present a new track that has never been released in any version, and on Valentine’s Day of all dates, given the ironic lyrics. I wrote this song in the spring of 2002 because of a negative relationship I was experiencing. I wrote it in Spanish for a more private catharsis at the time because my ex (someone who listened to every song I wrote/recorded/produced) wouldn’t have understood. This is also the lead single off my forthcoming Spanish debut album, to be announced later this year. Remixing available upon request. Enjoy!

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La Romance de Toi: Now Streaming

Another non-English track. This time, French. Yes, I’ll eventually get to my English stuff, which is the majority of my tracks. This one is another makeover of an old track, and I hope it can fill the dance floors somewhere in the world. Enjoy!

Both the original and extended mix of “La Romance de Toi” are now available for streaming at the following:

Ti Voglio: Listed in Staff Picks @ InternetDJ

“Ti Voglio (Extended Mix)” has been selected among the staff picks at InternetDJ, which is one of the largest sites for undiscovered artists. Michael, the guy who runs the site, favorited my track and followed me as well, and he mentioned my song on Twitter. This is pretty big exposure for me, and I look forward to what the future has in store for my music. Check out the screenshot I took to show you!

Ti Voglio Staff Pick